1. Flud 2.0: Introducing Your News Personality

    Today, Flud releases our biggest update ever. You’ll notice a new design, but that’s not the best part. We’re introducing profiles.
    Download for iPad and iPhone.

    Your Flud profile is your news personality. What’s that, you ask? Well, we believe that what you read says a lot about who you are. Your Flud profile shows your friends and followers what stories and articles you love, among other things. Check it out: 

    Flud 2.0 launches your news personality from Bobby Ghoshal on Vimeo.

    Here are some more new features:
    • Ability to follow users: Now, you don’t just get news straight from blogs and websites — discover content based on what your friends are reading.
    • Activity Feed: It’s a constantly updated stream of the articles and stories that you and your friends love.
    • Flud button: Endorse the most interesting content for your followers.
    • Social reading: When you open an article, you’ll see the other Fluders who viewed the same article.
    • Tumblr integration
    • Synching between devices: When you share a device, each person has their own Flud. Also, your Flud follows you as you move from one device to the next.
    I bet you can guess what is coming next! Flud is making its way to your desktop (wooo!) and Flud 2.0 will be released for Android and Windows Phone in the coming weeks. 


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