1. Android Finds a Sexy Next-Generation News Platform in Flud

    Back in December, we told you that Flud was building a social ecosystem for news. We introduced a new, more intimate network for sharing news, but what fun is sharing news with friends if all your friends can’t join in?

    Now, we bring you Flud for Android. Start Fluding with your most interesting Android-sporting friends. What they Flud will show up in your Flud Stream; what you Flud will show up in theirs. It’s the perfect way to find the best news stories and articles on the web. Say what you will about Android users, but they find some interesting stories that you don’t want to miss.

    If you’ve already used Flud for iOS on your iPad, or maybe used to have an iPhone, we are happy to announce that your existing account will sync onto your Android phone.

    Flud for Android has all the magnificent social features that you love on Flud 2.0 for iOS, including:

    • The Flud Stream: Follow interesting people who collect the best news for you, in one place.
    • Flud button: Endorse the content you love, inside the app or with our bookmarklet.
    • Reading List button: Save articles to read later, or offline.
    • "Most Fluded" feed: What the Flud community loves.
    • Your News Personality: What you read says something about who you are — your user profile is like a personal front page!

    Download here.


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