1. Flud News Roundup, April 5

    Today was a Thursday, and not a terribly riveting Thursday in terms of news. We’re pretty excited about the JOBS act getting signed, but everyone saw that coming. And most of us were out shopping for clothing in the colors of our favorite baseball team (you weren’t?). Anyway, check out some notable and interesting news of the day. Enjoy :)

    JOBS Act is signed by President Obama: JOBS stands for Jumpstart Our Business Startups but one likely outcome will be more jobs. Before today, only an accredited investor could put money into a venture in exchange for partial ownership. Crowdsourcced funding was reserved for artists, filmmakers and more creative ventures where the many funders were given a tote bag or a digital copy of music in exchange for their money. Not only can anyone now invest, but a larger number of people can take part ownership, before an IPO.
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    Lots of people are confused about leadership changes at AOL/HuffPo: The NYT broke news yesterday that a revamping of the media group meant more power for Arianna. But soon after, Business Insider pointed out that “a source close to AOL” says she actually lost power in the change, citing a sort-of conspiracy theory that Brian Stetler at the NYT played things up for Arianna due in part to a book he is writing. Oh, wait. That’s just PR. Well, either way, the parts of the media group under Arianna are doing well and the balance of power between her and Tim Cook seems sensitive, to say the least.
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    It’s opening day at a lot of ballparks: Do you like baseball? Do you like food? Either way, today is the day to take advantage of baseball’s unofficial announcement of summertime, and why not celebrate with the greasiest piece of edible something-or-other that you can find. You’ll likely find it at a nearby ballpark. Yummly, one of our favorite sites here at Flud, carefully curated some of the best dishes. If you can’t make it to a game, just stop by McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme on your way home and throw together this delight, the Illinois Gateway Grizzlies Luther Burger.
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    There exists a golf course where women cannot be members: Most news sites led this story with the fact that Obama and Romney agree on something … but I was more shocked that Augusta National Golf Club has made it til 2012 without offering membership to women. To be clear, a woman can play on the course as a guest, just not hold membership herself. The club is known for hosting the Master’s tournament and its exclusion of women was brought to light when Ginni Rometty became CEO of IBM … and the first IBM CEO to *not* be granted membership to the course.
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    **picture via Yummly