1. Flud News Roundup 4/12

    Today was the day that North Korea fired off a long-range rocket that failed, and anyone who wasn’t on Twitter between 4 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Pacific time missed this bit of news completely. Oh well, it probably will never have repercussions for, say, international relations or U.N. bans on military missiles.

    The constantly-updated “living story” page on Breaking News, and the Reuters story.

    In other news:

    Tax season is happening, and Lifehacker thinks your hobbies could help. Start lining up those claims!

    It’s National Grilled Cheese Day, and Yummly has some variations. The Flud team celebrated with a tomato-bacon combo paired with some brewskies.

    You may have seen posts about an undercover employee at Fox News who was supplying Gawker with unaired video content and other dispatches. It’s basically an elaborate transition into this so-called “Mole” (Joe Muto) becoming a full-time Gawker employee, I imagine. Anyway, Fox isn’t happy and here is the latest update, including a “not for publication” memo that, per Gawker’s MO, has been published.

    Google’s stock split. This means, anyone who owned one piece of stock, now owns two. Reuters says this helps preserve the poser power of the co-founders (sorry, it was an amusing typo so I left it in. No disrespect to Sergey and Larry…). The weird thing, noted The Next Web, is that the new stock will trade under a different name, so, not GOOG. Entrepreneur Matt Galligan weighs in:

    Ann Romney was criticized for speaking out about women’s concerns by Hilary Rosen, a CNN politics pundit, apparently, because Ann has never had a job. The Obamas affirmed Ann’s choice to be a stay-at-home mom … and who would do differently, when married to Mr. Moneybanks? Full story from the Wall Street Journal.

    Verizon found another way to take your money. Did you miss this one yesterday? We did. Apparently, if you don’t get a new phone when you update your contract, you must pay a $30 “upgrade fee.” The analysis from Macgasm is my favorite and was in fact a popular read in Flud, making it all the way to the Most Fluded feed.

    Look, a dog was rescued! Check out this timeline of photos and Twitter updates from journalist Travis Heying who documented 2.5 hours of Wichita firefighters searching a swollen creek for this lost pup. And if you prefer the photo and tweet timeline to a regular text story, please lobby your local reporter to make better use of his or her iPhone.

    *Picture via Photobucket, and is not of today’s North Korea launch, but a different rocket launch entirely, yet still seems to adequately illustrate the story.


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