1. Flud News Roundup, April 17

    Warren Buffett has stage 1 prostate cancer, not life threatening: He will begin treatment which will restrict travel. If anyone was looking for a downside to being as rich as Buffett, I’d say being responsible to publicly announce the specifics of your illness is it. Source: Bloomberg

    Twitter introduces IPA: No, they didn’t create a beer. Yes, they picked that name because it was memorable. Naturally, some people were confused.

    What is it? The Innovator’s Patent Agreement. If you watch tech news, you’ll notice that certain unnamed companies (ahem Yahoo!) use patents as fuel to sue other companies. It’s a way to bully competitors and perhaps grab some cash. But Twitter is above that. Twitter believes patents should guard the designs of their employees (like the “pull to refresh”), not be used as a weapon. So, this is their agreement with present and future employees — which makes Twitter a more attractive place to work.

    If you were hoping a startup would release its own beer, you may be able to count on Flud. Our designer Adam has dabbled in homebrew, perhaps we can talk him into creating the Flud IPA :) Source: Twitter

    Gmail was down: It was nearly an email snow day. For a brief time this morning, Gmail (specifically Apps accounts, like many people use for work email) was down. Luckily, Lifehacker knows how you can access your email if this happens again. If it had been down for any longer, we all might have realized what it’s like to not have to work, and made a run for it.

    Sources: Huffington Post, Google

    New HBO show “Girls” gets buzz: Apparently this new show is getting talked about, but ratings don’t match the buzz. Catch an episode before it disappears … Sources: Huffington Post, The Hairpin

    How to build emotional design into your website: Ever since the Instagram acquisition, entrepreneurs have been talking about what made the startup so valuable — and the “emotional experience” of Instagram is widely cited. Great tips here. Source: Smashing Magazine

    Google Drive launches next week: Is this the end of Dropbox? People already use Google products to store stuff in the cloud … isn’t that why you use Google Docs? Using Google Drive could be seamless for businesses. And a free 5gb of storage is more than double Dropbox’ offering. Sources: Mashable, Sociable

    *Pic via Pinterest user The Beer