1. Flud News Roundup, April 18

    Some days there’s less news than others. Today, April 18, except the one from 82 years ago, was one of those days. According to a Tumblr called This Day in History, the BBC announced that there was no news, and played piano music instead of running the regular news program.

    Well, BBC, not so true for today in 2012. Today is the day Dick Clark died, and several people are worried that the Mayans were right, and there will be no 2013 (because who will count down at New Year’s…). We are sad about this. But check out this lovely photo of Dick in better days:

    TMZ was the first to report. He suffered a massive heart attack and passed away at age 82. He is most known for creating and hosting “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.”

    From the Huffington Post, we have some of Clark’s best quotes, including “I don’t make culture. I sell it.”

    Gawker only took a few hours to put up some satire, taking a published obit of Mike Wallace and replacing phrases to repurpose the article for Dick Clark.

    But most embarrasing was website Byliner, which tweeted that former vice president Dick CHENEY had died, instead of Dick Clark. The editor behind the Twitter account made matters worse still:

    Yes, that sounds like a terrible pun on the New Year’s ball dropping. No, I don’t think it was intentional.

    Of course, a few people didn’t know who Dick Clark was, which happens nearly every time a celebrity dies, and has become a standard article for Buzzfeed. MuckRack, a site geared to journalists, gathered up some reactions. Apparently ignorance is out of style.

    In other news, watch the Associated Press tomorrow for a story about dogs. Their Twitter account, followed by 913k people, asked any and all dog owners to call or email the AP reporter. The tweet was deleted in minutes due to overwhelming interest (who doesn’t like to talk about their pets?!). For a recap of the affair, check out this Storify I made. And if you’re interested in the latest news on dogs, safe to say the AP has you covered.

    We knew someone would do this:

    *Photo via CNN iReport