1. Flud News Roundup, April 20

    Happy Friday, Fluder! Here’s some fantastic weekend reading for ya.

    Today is “Cover The Night”: You saw the Kony 2012 video last month — tonight, supporters of the movement will be out plastering posters across the towns they live in. More from End Genocide and The Guardian.

    How Andreessen Horowitz bunted on an Instagram investment: The Bits Blog from the NYT explains a bit of venture capital theory and the track record between A-H, an early investor in Instagram (before it was called Instagram) and A-H’s decision to gamble on a competitor. Every investment decision is a gamble, even an educated one — so stories like these are a good reminder of the big picture (intended pun) and how difficult identifying the “next Instagram” really is.

    Facebook and Google must adapt as users embrace “unsocial” networks: The title is a bit of a misnomer, because the article from Bloomberg offers Instagram, Path and others as these unsocial networks. What is really meant, is that these specialized networks allow for full-attention engagement because they fit into our attention spans. For marketers, this means “going viral” is more likely on a smaller, intimate network where the connections are of equal value, and on a larger network like Facebook — stick to paid ads.

    Women make groups smarter: A study from Harvard Business review shows that when a group includes more women, the collective intelligence rises. And, the discussion on “why aren’t there more women in tech” continues, via HuffPo.

    People in San Fran like to eat caesar salad: It’s true, but I will admit there is more to this article from Fast Company’s Co.Exist. Apparently, Eatery is an iPhone app that allows people to rate other people’s food choices, and in this process, pulls in some interesting data about food habits in various world regions. Massive Health is the company behind it.

    What to know before you go rock climbing: Do you hate being a newbie at things, like me? Check out this guide from Greatist to learn some lingo and know what to expect. It’s a great way to be active without being miserable (hello, treadmill) and apparently, can be addicting. Also, happy birthday to Greatist, one of our featured partners. If you’re not familiar, it is the up-and-coming destination for all things healthy and good. Learn more on their birthday post.

    *Pic via endgenocide.org