1. Flud News Roundup, May 11

    A quick roundup of today’s top news —

    Case closed: Adam Mayes, suspected kidnapper and murderer, took his own life last night during a dramatic confrontation with Mississippi state police. On April 27, Mayes was thought to have killed JoAnn Bain and her eldest daughter and to have kidnapped her two youngest daughters, keeping them hostage in a densely wooded area near his home in Mississppi. After a fatal, self-inflicted gunshot to the head, Mayes was pronounced dead and the girls were found unharmed. 

    Bing it?: Google Search rival, Bing, is teaming up with Facebook and Twitter to include user comments, likes and activities in search results. It’s rumored Bing is introducing a new interface that focuses on people in the user’s social networks and allows users to ask their friends questions about their query. Look for a public beta site soon!

    Close call: Archaeologists have uncovered a new Mayan calendar that contradicts the hyped 2012 doomsday myth. So doomsday preppers, hate to break it to, but you have 800 cans of beans and 4,000 rolls of toilet paper for nothing…. well, other than never having to go to WalMart again. 

    And since it is the weekend, here’s some entertainment news to keep you well, entertained! 


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