1. Flud News Roundup, June 5

    Men are from Mars, today we see Venus: Today offers a rare opportunity to view Venus with the naked eye. This is so rare, that the last time Venus made its appearance was over 100 years ago and won’t happen again until December of 2117. The planet will be visible taking its trip across the sun for about 7 hours starting around 6p.m. EDT. It is, of course, not recommended to look at the sun directly without the proper safety equipment. So grab a welding shield or fork out a few dollars for special solar viewing glasses and catch a glimpse of a site you won’t have another opportunity to see!

    Prop 8 gets Supreme: After a Court of Appeals refused to revisit the case, Prop 8 may be on the road to the Supreme Court. This has been an ongoing, three-year battle between the state of California and gay rights advocates — and since the Supreme Court may refuse to hear the case, we may be waiting a little longer for a resolution. However, if the case is heard, it would take place in October and a decision could be made within the year. If the case is accepted this would set a national precedent as most courts have refused to decide on rulings so broad. Obama recently announced his support of gay marriage, but still hasn’t discussed his opinion regarding Prop 8. 

    News from the Tech World: Google has announced their purchase of Quickoffice, a widely used app for working on documents created in Microsoft programs. Google had not yet perfected a mobile version of their Google Docs system and is hoping to integrate Quickoffice features into their product and eliminate one of their top competitors in editing tools for iOS. This deal is great news for anyone who loves to share and edit documents or spreadsheets on the go!

    image source: space.com


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