1. Flud News Roundup, June 9-11

    Commerce Secretary Citation: John Bryson is under a felony investigation for a possible hit and run after hitting two cars on Saturday. He was discovered unconscious in his Lexus and was sent to a hospital in Los Angeles for examination, but is back in Washington today already scheduled for public appearances. It is reported that he suffered from a seizure and is being treated appropriately. Results searching for any drugs or alcohol came back negative and all other investigations are still in early stages. 

    The Great White Way: The 66th Annual Tony Awards aired Sunday night with appearances from Broadway’s favorite stars including Hugh Jackman (who is preparing for a highly anticipated film release of Les Miserables in December) and Angela Lansbury. The evening was a true Cinderella story for many young stars nominated for the first time as well as the unexpected winner of Best Musical, Once, the show based on the movie from 2006. There are mixed reviews on the performances by the host, Neil Patrick Harris, but everyone can agree that it was a star-studded night full of emotional speeches and entertaining performances from Broadway’s favorite shows of the year. 

    Apple Does It Again: Apple announced their new MacBook Pro today and has users all over the world drooling over the new Retina screen display and Intel processing chips. Apple is calling this “the most beautiful computer [they] have ever made.” Read more of the real time coverage of the launch here:

    image source: Gizmodo