1. Flud News Roundup, June 16-18

    Egypt’s First Free Election: Mohammed Morsi, a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood, declared victory today in Egypt’s elections. The Supreme Council of Armed Forces tried to strip the president of most of his significant powers decreeing that they will control the drafting of a new constitution and won’t allow civilian oversight of its significant economic interests. Morsi’s victory won’t be confirmed until Thursday and if so, this will be the first Islamist victory in the recent wave of pro-democracy uprisings sweeping through the Middle East. The victory does have some concerned because of the anti-America ideals that could potentially come into play. 

    Greece Elections: More world election news coming from Europe after elections on Sunday. Antonis Samara declared victory and began pro-bailout talks immediately following. Even though this removes any fears of Greece’s exit from the single zone currency, attention was turned back to Italy and Spain and the crisis that still remains. Read more about the pros and cons of the election on the Wall Street Journal and Reuters

    Facebook gets a Face: Another big purchase for Facebook! Face.com is a mobile face recognition technology that was just purchase for about $100 million dollars. There is a possible integration in the works with Facebook, which could boost their mobile app offerings. 

    • Rodney King, the man whose beating inspired the LA Riots in the 90’s, was found dead in his pool on Sunday. 
    • Colorado firefighters will face harsh conditions today as they continue to fight a raging wild fire. Southern California is also in a red-flag warning as conditions get windy and dry. 
    • Government censorship is a lot higher than we realize, according to Google. 

    image source: Fox News