1. India Without Power, Social Olympic Side Effects & Other News

    Worlds Largest Outage: 680 million people, that’s double the population of the United States, are without power in India today, causing financial loses into the hundreds of millions. Offices and factories switched to generators, trains were brought to a halt, and hospitals worked frantically to keep patients safe. The outage was caused by the failure of power grids and the chairman of the power company said they are working to restore power. 

    Social Side Effects: The “social” Olympics are getting ugly. You just can’t get away with anything these days. It’s reported that a British teen was arrested today for a tweet threatening British Olympic diver Tom Daley after a seemingly disappointing diving event. This teen isn’t the only person affected. Independent journalist, Guy Adams had his Twitter account suspended (it has since been reinstated) for posting an NBC director’s private email in frustration of the way the Olympics are being covered. The athletes aren’t even getting a break when it comes to Twitter; two athletes have been removed from their team for making offensive remarks on the social site. As exciting as the social aspect of this year’s Olympics is, perhaps the magnitude of the effects will make people think twice about what they say and share. 

    Speaking of social, Mitt Romney has released that he will be announcing his Republican running mate via a smartphone app. Certainly unconventional for a politician, but only time will tell if it was to his advantage. Smartphone users will be the first to know his VP pick. 

    In other news: 

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