1. Paul Ryan’s Biceps More Popular Than His Policies

    Paul Ryan's bicep controversy

    He works out: Paul Ryan’s biceps are making headlines after a photo of him with the creator of P90X was revealed online. His budget proposals have been controversial, but this photo has become the second most-searched item associated with the new VP candidate. He has been known to lead workouts on Capitol Hill and worked as a physical trainer after college. “I’m just kind of a workout guy. I’ve always been into this,” he told Politico a few years ago. Since Romney chose Ryan, the exchange of words between Democrats and Republicans hasn’t cooled, and Biden said on Wednesday that their opponents are “decent, honorable men”. A drastic change from his claims on Tuesday that Romney and Ryan would put “y’all back in chains” (referring to big banks and wall street). Together, Romney and Ryan plan on restoring the cuts President Obama has made to Medicare amongst other ideas to help improve the economy that is seeing its weakest recovery since World War 2. 

    All systems go: Mars rover Curiosity has undergone upgrades to replace the onboard software and make it ready for its two-year exploration of the Gale Crater. The rover will be gathering weather conditions at the landing site, images of the peak of Mount Sharp and searching for signs of microbial life. 

    invisible bike helmet

    Fashion friendly safety: In recent tech news, two Swedish women have found a solution to the ugly bike helmet problem. It’s a well-known fact that most people avoid following the safety measure because of how ridiculous most helmets look. The invisible bicycle helmet acts as a sort of airbag. You wear a collar around your neck and a rechargeable battery-powered accelerometer and gyroscope detects the typical motions involved in a bike crash. Not surprisingly, it isn’t cheap. The helmet costs a stunning $600 and it only works once. So for the love of your wallet, watch your riding. 

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    image sources: polymic and technabob