1. Android, Welcome to the FLUD Family

    Today, the very first version of FLUD for Android will hit the market. It’s a free download, just like our iPad and iPhone apps. We took the same smooth interface, the consumable blocks of news and beautiful user experience and put it on Android phones. We think you’ll really like it, and we can’t wait to chat with you and welcome a ton of Android users into our FLUD family.

    There’s a reason why we call our users “Fluders.” They matter to us. Not just because they appreciate our product, the imagination and effort we put into building a great design and making sure it serves its purpose. The Fluders impact the news. 

    The FLUD feed, included when you download FLUD on every device, is a source of awesome content. And, it’s chosen by Fluders like you, bookmarking and sharing what they love. It’s important to us and our users that they get a bit of serendipity in their news consumption, and that they know what others are talking about. That’s what news is. The FLUD experience captures this — it is always changing, and always influenced by the Fluders.

    The FLUD feed is a perk on top of a simple, beautiful content experience. The FLUD user always has control of what content is seen. They’re never overwhelmed with content or app features. Feeds can be reordered. They can be put into categories. You can find feeds by searching for a URL, or a site’s name. Google Reader lovers can simply import their feeds. Twitter integration made its way into the very first version of FLUD for Android. Replying and retweeting are both easy. FLUD for iPad also integrates Facebook wall links as a feed.

    There’s a lot of news posted every day. So many great sites. There’s a lot of awesome content, and it can be overwhelming to try to keep up, to not feel flooded. FLUD organizes the best of the web into consumable blocks. You’re dragging feeds side to side to compare what is new. You’re dragging articles up and down to check out the latest headlines, newest to oldest. You always see the latest. Articles already read, appear dim. No matter what the day holds, you can comfortably scan through all your favorite sites, check out headlines and bookmark the articles you really want to read. The heart icon in FLUD adds articles to your bookmarks, and those are always available to you, even offline.

    FLUD exists for users to be well read. We want to offer a beautiful, classy way to read your news. Part of being entertained and being informed is sharing what you read with others. Email, Twitter and Facebook sharing are all instant. Once you’re signed in, you can share with one tap. 

    We’re building the FLUD experience from the ground up — a web app is next, set to launch in a few weeks, and you can imagine some awesome new functionality that will go along with that!


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