1. Flud News Roundup, April 19

    Sometimes a slow news day makes way for a fluff news day … and today, the fluff of choice was none other than the corgi, a dog known for its short legs and, in some opinions, its cuteness. Like this corgi getting vacuumed, or the corgi on stilts in this article, or, just check out anything tagged corgi on Buzzfeed … we’ll see you next winter.

    The Atlantic published an opinion piece entitled “Seriously, what’s so great about corgis” and here is Buzzfeed’s rebuttal (a grand total of 108 great corgi things). Much controversy surrounding the matter was captured in this Storify. The Flud team has no comment on the value of corgis, but here is a picture.

    In other news:

    Deformed sea creatures show up in the same place BP spilled oil: Yes, there is probably a connection here. Descriptions from scientists and fisherman who have seen the underwater wildlife firsthand make it sound like a mix between The Little Mermaid and Star Trek. Shrimp with no eyes, or eye sockets, crabs missing one claw, female shrimp with babies attached, shrimp with tumors and so on. Story via PopSci and Al Jazeera.

    Plane crashes in Gulf of Mexico: The sole occupant of the plane was the pilot, who seems to have been unconscious and was unresponsive as the plane circled before finally crashing, then sinking, unfortunately. Story via The Atlantic and CNN.

    “Homeless children on the highway to Disney World”: Homelessness is unfortunate as it is, but whenever you overlap opposites, like homelessness with family vacation, it strikes a chord. That’s led to nearly 5k comments on this Huffington Post piece (and counting).

    Huntsman campaign money goes to a non-existent company: A company with a similar name does exist, however the owner never received nor should have receive that sum, Buzzfeed reports. So far, no explanation from the campaign.

    Battle for the fifth screen: Ok, let’s break this down for those of you who don’t have a spreadsheet of screens and running bets on which will be most effective in world domination. The screens are, in order: your TV, your tablet, your smartphone and your computer. That makes number five what we’ll call “wearable media,” ie, Google Goggles or Pebble, the Kickstarter success story smartwatch. Advertisers are most interested in getting a piece of the latest screen — not just to get more ads in more places, but for the interesting behavioral data that could come with these new ads. Story by Fast Company, one of the most popular stories in Flud today, but you knew that already :)

    Google’s plan for Motorola Mobility: Turns out the patents might not be all Google wants with Motorola. Two unnamed insiders claim Google wants a mobile offering on par with Apple — to make its own hardware and software, which would put makers of phones and tablets using Android OS at a competitive disadvantage. Story by Business Insider.

    This has been your daily Flud news roundup update. We hope you liked it. Oh, and thanks for stopping by!

    *photo via Buzzfeed, via CorgiAddict.com