1. Flud News Roundup, April 24

    Google Drive hits the public: Check out the introductory video from Google, on TechCrunch. For a side by side comparison with Dropbox and other options, see Engadget … notables: Google offers 5 GB free, Dropbox only 2 GB, Google’s iPhone app is “coming soon,” and max file size for Google Drive is 10 GB, for Dropbox it’s unlimited with the desktop app.

    Some notes:

    Here’s a response from Box (focused on enterprise cloud storage), with some lessons for startups in general (yes, the Googles of the world are sure to chase you). Is Dropbox worried?

    At least their CEO has a sense of humor for now; let’s hope they have something fantastic up their sleeves.

    State of the Web, Spring 2012, released: The Oatmeal keeps us amused with these visualizations of everything we already know but weren’t able to express. Criticism of Yahoo’s social reader in Facebook is, well, legit — I would describe it to you, but you might as well just look here.

    The kids are using hand sanitizer to get drunk: Cheers to curiosity, apparently those little bottles of Purell are worth a quick high — and in some cases, a hospital stay, reported by KTLA. We recommend you listen to Buzzfeed and take heed of these 14 things to know before partaking … like, #9: Seriously, you’ll kill someone. Say no to the sanitizer.

    Happy cows don’t come from California: Mad cows do, well, at least one. The Raw Story reports that mad cow disease, found in a California cow, has not entered the food chain.

    *Photo via Real California Milk, disclosure: Cow pictured is not infected.