1. Flud News Roundup, June 6


    The Future of Video Chat: Napster founders, Sean Park and Shawn Fanning, have teamed up again in hopes of becoming pioneers in a new video chat technology. Their new product, Airtime, works together with Facebook where users log into the network to chat with friends. What sets Airtime apart from competitors like Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Tinychat? The “random chat” function that allows users to search the network for “unplanned conversations” by narrowing down possible participants by area or interests. This raises questions on whether or not people will want to spend their time talking to people they don’t know as well as an issue that arose with a different video chat program that experienced issues with “modesty” in their random chat feature. The founders don’t seem worried and are convinced that this unique social feature will be the success of Airtime. 

    Drama Queens in Tiaras: She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s not Miss United States.  Miss Pennsylvania has renounced her crown after making a claim that the Miss United States pageant is rigged and morally, she can no longer support the organization. Sheena Monnin reported that one of her fellow “Miss” contestants accidentally found a paper with the chosen top 5 contestants before the competition had begun. Many are suggesting Monnin’s move is an immature reaction to not making it into the top 16. Donald Trump, who runs the Miss Universe Organization, has already ordered investigations and is planning on pressing charges for making blatantly false claims. 

    More of Today’s Top Headlines: 

    • Ray Bradbury, renowned fantasy and science author passed away today. 
    • Amazing photos and videos of yesterday’s viewing of Venus’ track across the sun. 
    • Obama is heading to California hoping to get cash for his campaign from gay supporters. 

    image source: The Hollywood Gossip