1. Flud News Roundup, June 23-25

    Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone’s weekend was enjoyable. Did anyone do anything exciting? Share some of your favorite news stories with us via Flud app on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you used Flud for this weekend! For now, enjoy some of the top stories from the last few days! 

    Arizona Compromise: Since the the law was signed in April 2012, SB 1070 from Arizona has been one of the most-watched cases regarding immigration. The Supreme Court made their official ruling on the matter today and both sides seemed happy when they decided to only rule out 3 of the 5 measures. Civil rights groups still aren’t satisfied with the results and they will continue to fight until they feel justice has been met. View the official ruling here

    MoreInterest: Creators of Pintics (a Pinterest analytics service) have found another niche. ShopInterest (a mashup of Shopify and Pinterest) is their latest venture, a service that allows anyone to turn their Pinterest boards into an online store. So many sales are generated via pins and boards on Pinterest so they decided to help make this process easier. Set up is easy and the idea is to allow your followers to shop and make purchases on the spot from your pins! Visit the ShopInterest site here.

    Find Your Friends, JK: Facebook quietly launched a new feature, Find Friends Nearby, a location-based app to find friends. However, just as quickly and quietly as it was released, it was disabled.  A Facebook spokesperson said it wasn’t a formal release and it was just something engineers were testing. They may build on the feature at a later date, but engineers will need to perfect their technology for critics who label location-based apps “creepy”. In addition to the sudden removal of the feature, another mobile app, Friendthem, it planning on suing Facebook for stealing their idea.

    In other news: 

  2. The Four Must-Know Social Networks

    Social Media is an ever-growing and ever-changing world of sharing, connecting and promoting. As different platforms come, go and change how do we decide which ones are worth investing our time and energy in? Here are the four of the must-know social platforms to boost your personal and professional networks.


    Facebook has been making headlines for years with their ground breaking moves in social networking and more recently when they decided to become a publicly traded company. (A bold move in my opinion, as social media continues to evolve so often). Regardless of the positive and negative press they may receive, Facebook has the largest audience in the world. 800 million people around the world are actively using the site. The Timeline format gives meaning and a backstory to your personal (or business) posts, which is a great way of keeping in touch with your fans and followers. Post questions, updates, polls or links to your blog posts and tweets!  


    The internet soap box in 140 characters or less. Twitter allows the broadcasting of information and customer service in real time. Twitter is an extremely effective platform for continuous updates or interaction with your followers. Tweeting about relevant topics within your field of expertise allows potential to gain more followers as well. It’s a great way to reach out to individuals and companies to draw attention back to your business or product. 


    Show the face and culture behind your brand. These social networks allow businesses to put a face to the name. Pinterest is a fantastic way of creating photo archives of your company’s history whether it is your personal blog posts or other press. Pinterest will direct a lot of traffic back to your site if used properly. Instagram is similar to Twitter in that it allows you to share what’s happening in “real time”, but through photos. It’s a fun way of sharing photos in the office, sneak peaks or anything else involving your team that gives your followers the chance to connect to the personality of your team. 


    Create context around your brand. Share stories that support your product or service, become a thought leader. Flud is a great way of gathering your interests and influencing your followers to be inspired and excited about the same things you are! Create a news profile where people can follow you and your “fluded” stories. Through the activity feed feature you can see who you have influenced and what stories have gained the most popularity through the “Most Fluded” feed. This is also an extremely effective way of staying on top the news related to your field so you are in the know of the latest and greatest, helping you stay on top of your competitors! 

    image sources: pinterest, OMSH

  3. Behind the Scenes at Flud: How to Build Your Brand's Pinterest Strategy  →

    At Flud we know it’s very unlikely and almost impossible to get things right the first time. We’re OK with making changes, in fact, that’s how we get better. We learn from our mistakes, listen to feedback and move on.

    You always hear us talking about our product, but what about brand marketing? We brainstorm everything — even our Pinterest strategy. Here’s an inside look at how our Pinterest presence went from wasted space to real-time referrals:


    Like every other person on the planet, or at least a whopping 2.2 million of them, I love Pinterest. Pinning in the morning, pinning in the evening, pinning at supper time. I’ll do it whenever, just give me pictures of delicious cake and enough inspirational fitness quotes to make me…

  4. #FludReads March 16-19

    Rounding up the top #FludReads of the weekend!

    Don’t know what #FludReads means? It indicates good, worth-reading, quality content. Include the hashtag along with your next tweeted article for a chance to have your tweet featured right here!

  5. #FludReads March 6

    We were expecting more Super Tuesday coverage in #FludReads today, but here are a few great articles nonetheless. Enjoy! —

    Tomorrow we’ll be looking for #FludReads covering Apple’s Special Event! Share the best stories for a chance to be featured right here… btw, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a next gen iPad release :)

  6. So Many Valentines, So Little Time

    In a quest for the perfect treat for our Valentine’s Day party, we naturally looked to Pinterest for inspiration. Unfortunately, now that we’ve spent the last however long oogling over sweets, we also naturally want to bake every cake, cupcake and cookie we laid our eyes on.

    The original plan was choose one baked good and hand the recipe out to each Flud team member, instructing them to come back on Tuesday with their best attempt at the recipe. Then, we would vote on who made the best version. It was going to be simple. But since we have no self-control when it comes to this type of thing, we need your help determining the “it” dessert!

    We narrowed it down to these three finalists. So, what do you think — which delicious treat should we attempt? 

    Hard to choose, right? Monday morning we’ll post these photos on our Facebook page, so go like the treat of your choice or cast your vote now by commenting right here on the blog. We’ll tally up the numbers Monday night and each member of the Flud team will make their version of the goodie with the most votes.

    Come back on Tuesday, Feb 14, to see our culinary masterpieces and choose which is the best based on a few categories we’ll name later. Now, go vote!

  7. CNN Thinks We’re Cool - 50 New Tech Tools You Should Know About

    This morning CNN came out with a list of the 50 New Tech Tools You Should Know About, and guess what … Flud is one of them! We’re really excited to be featured, but what makes it even cooler is that we are side by side with apps we think are just amazing.

    Here’s a few of our favorites:

    • Path - It’s like Facebook for just you and your closest friends.
    • Pinterest - We’re so addicted. It’s a virtual pinboard for anything you can imagine. Recipes, dream homes, the best mustaches you’ve ever seen, motivational quotes, etc. etc.
    • Instagram - Has an uncanny ability to make any photo beautiful.
    • Oink - Lets users rate specific dishes at restaurants so you know what’s good and what’s meant for the pigs.

    So what do they have in common? Two things: fantastic UI’s and doing one thing really well. Whether it’s close friends, inspiration, photos, good eats, or in our case, news — niche network apps are trending in tech this year. 

    Since we’re on a roll, please help us win The Best News App of 2011. Voting is super easy, no sign up required, and the polls close today … so go vote!