1. Flud News Roundup, May 1

    I have it on good authority that not one person ever reads the article content preceding a list, so I will say whatever I want here. Just try and call me out on it.

    Facebook IPO set for May 18 (WSJ): On Monday Facebook will begin its roadshow, or pitching investors with its stock. The following tweet is *not* what talks will look like, but hey, we can dream.

    Cue any puns including “donor” and “friends”: Facebook’s announcement today was that you can list yourself as a donor on your Timeline. What really bugs me about this story is how little value is added with each story — there’s not much info further than the Facebook blog post itself — yet every tech or consumer site posted variations on the headline, followed by comparable information. It’s a problem in tech journalism. But I digress. Since there’s not an OrganBook or Donorstagram, at least not yet, including this information on your Facebook profile may make it easier to match donors with needs, and save lives, indeed.

    Drunken grandparents tow child behind an SUV (Jalopnik): It’s just like tubing on the lake, except on the asphalt in a Power Wheels car. Luckily, this slightly disturbing story came to a halt, with police intervention, before anyone got hurt.

    Men fail to blow up bridge in Ohio (NPR): The five men hoped to make a statement against corporate America. It seems odd that the explosives, which were not real, were provided by the FBI informant — so, had he not been involved, say they weren’t able to find another source, and therefore unable to carry out the plan and remained innocent? Regardless, the FBI claims this is a top strategy in preventing terrorism.

    *Pic via Consumer Product Safety Commission. Child pictured was not involved in related story.