1. Flud News Roundup, April 30

    Here’s our pick of stories that were popular today in Flud and across the web. A lot happened, plus a few rumors!

    (from over the weekend) Apple evades taxes (Mashable): This shouldn’t be so surprising — there are people whose job it is to figure out how to pay less taxes, and in that sense, Apple is a great role model for other companies. Geek Culture pokes some fun.

    Facebook to announce tool that will save lives (PC World): They’ve already come out with a way for people to report suicide threats, so it can’t be that. I’m curious. Zuck will announce, so watch your TV on Tuesday.

    Tumblr will begin monetizing (Daily Beast): A “major revenue scheme” will launch May 2. They’ve previously been anti-ads, so perhaps we can count on them to keep monetization tasteful.

    Groupon gets new board members, stock drops (VentureBeat): But perhaps the newcomers, who both have a strong financial background, will be able to cut down on Groupon’s accounting mishaps.

    A man decides to go a year without Internet (The Verge): I wouldn’t make it a day. Neither would you.

    The Nets launch a new logo, designed by Jay-Z (NY Daily): The NBA team was previously located in New Jersey. This will be their first season in Brooklyn and the first time in over 50 years Brooklyn has had its own NBA team.

    And from the rumor mill….

    Hulu may require viewers to have cable (TechCrunch): But I thought the point of Hulu was to get rid of cable? Seems people who subscribe to Hulu plus may be immune, so that is still a great deal ($7.99/month) and a few of us may sign up real fast.

    Digg to be acquired by WaPo (The Next Web): This rings a reminder of when CNN bought Zite last year. Old media can benefit greatly from user data — one of their biggest challenges is figuring out distribution. Since Digg’s been quiet lately, it will be interesting to see if WaPo would relaunch it, brand it or otherwise.

    *Photo via Death and Taxes Mag