1. Flud News Roundup, June 12

    Civil War on the Horizon? Tension in Syria is rising and the UN has declared a warning that the Syrian government will be trying new tactics. Both sides in the conflict have ignored a ceasefire that was supposed to go into effect on April 12. More than 13,000 people have died since March 2011 and the country is inching closer to a civil war as it becomes increasingly militarized. To make matters worse, a report from the UN indicates that children have become major victims in the conflict as Syrian troops torture and use them as human shields against rebel forces on the front line. The United States has expressed hesitation to the request for intervention placing the goal on stopping the violence, not increasing military activity. 

    Wash Your Mouth With Soap: A Massachusetts town has had enough with public swearing and poor language, but is fining people taking it too far? Middleborough doesn’t think so; they just passed a law allowing officers to fine people $20 for public swearing. The list of unacceptable words has not been determined so it is according to officer discretion. We all want the world to be a cleaner place, maybe our words is a good place to start?  
    The Apple Effect: People are still talking about WWDC today. Let’s be honest, whenever something new with Apple happens, people talk about it until the next thing happens. The iOS 6 software has over 200 new features compared to iOS5 and will launch to the public this Fall. Apple also announced the release of Mountain Lion, MacBook air laptops, MacBook Pro with Retina display, Facebook integrations and much more!
    In other news:

    image source: Global Post