1. Refinery Fire, Flooding in Manila and Curiosity’s First Color Photo

    From Mars, to the Philippines and back to the United States, here are the stories making headlines today. 

    First color photo from Mars

    Curiosity has sent its first color photo to Earth from Mars’ Gale Crater. The image, shot through a dust cover and a high sun position in the sky, is showing the north wall and rim of the crater. The rover team is still testing the instruments on Curiosity to see how they work after the successful landing. NASA will be sending the rover on explorations around Mars to drill into rocks in search of molecular life. 

    If you thought gas prices were high enough, they are about to get worse. A fire at the Chevron refinery in California will be forcing the dollar sign up in a state that is already one of the most expensive places to buy gas. The fire is out now, but the refinery that makes over 240,000 barrels of oil a day had to shut down its only crude unit for the time being. The fire could end up affecting gas stations as far north as Seattle. 

    Flooding in Manila, PhilippinesThe Philippines is being hit hard by monsoonal rains and at least one-third of the capital, Manila, is completely submerged in water. Residents from the overpopulated city have been evacuated, but many people have already been killed within the last week from the storms. Rescue workers are searching for people who have been unable to escape the rising waters. 

    image source: NY Times and ABC News