1. Flud News Roundup, June 6

    System Malfunction: Over a year ago, an online ad scam created by hackers infected more than 570,000 computers with a malware called DNS Changer. Many devices can be fully functioning with the virus without user knowledge. The FBI continued to let the services run to prevent the users from losing Internet service, but they are now turning affected systems off on Monday. Anyone with an affected machine will be kicked off the Internet until they clean their system of DNS. A website has been set up for you to check if your machine has the malware and will give you instructions if you need to get rid of it!

    More Euro Problems: Finland’s Finance Minister just announced that the country is prepared to leave the Euro instead of taking responsibility for Europe’s debt crisis and risks. The country will also be seeking collateral from Spain. Last week’s Euro summit sought to discuss solutions to the Italian and Spanish debt crisis and most Europeans are under the impression that Germany and France hold the solution, but Finland (one of Europe’s most prosperous countries) is prepared to fight back. 

    Not Good, Obama: The most recent jobs report shows the unemployment rate at an unchanged 8.2% and only 80,000 jobs added in June. Obama’s team responded that Americans shouldn’t be focused on the unemployment rate, but rather on the friends and neighbors who have recently found work and on the brighter outlook in communities. It is becoming more difficult for the president to convince the people that what he has tried in his presidency is working well and that he has something new to offer. Romney has deducted that by November, voters will understand that “America can do better.”

    In other news: 

    • NASA’s new Mars rover is scheduled to land on the Red Planet next month to explore shallower depths below the surface that may improve chances of discovering evidence of ancient life. 
    • A video of a man who talks to his 12-year-old self is gaining views and laughs on YouTube.
    • A new study shows that dead coral reefs may come back to life. 

    image source: Wired