1. Flud 2.0 Photo Contest

    UPDATE: Flud 2.0 is out! Download and send your fan photos to PR(at)theflud.com.

    Facebook contest will run from today, Dec. 7 to Wednesday, Dec. 21. On Thursday, once all the entries are in and votes are counted, we will announce the winners!

    Because we’re so excited about the Flud 2.0 release (and we love to see just how cool and creative you guys are) we’re hosting a photo contest on the Flud Facebook page!

    The contest begins when Flud 2.0 hits the App Store. To be alerted, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter.

    It’s simple to enter — here are the rules: 

    1. Download Flud 2.0 to your iPhone or iPad 
    2. Take a pic of yourself using your sweet new Flud app 
    3. Email your pic to PR@theflud.com with your name 
    4. We’ll post an album to our Facebook Page 
    5. Tell your friends, family, and the dude next to you on the bus to log in and “Like” their favorite photo … the photo with the most “Likes” wins!  

    What do you win?

    Well, the grand prize winner — aka the Fluder with the most photo “Likes” — becomes the face of Flud and gets their photo featured on the Flud Facebook page as our profile image. Plus, we’ll send you a cool Flud T-shirt. In addition to the grand prize, there will be two runners up who get Flud T-shirts, too — that’s three chances to win.

    Here is a beautiful example of what a classy Flud fan photo looks like:

    But seriously, be creative — do what you gotta do to get those “Likes”!

    Flud 2.0 is pending approval from Apple as we speak, so watch your App Store for updates and when it goes live, get to posting!

  2. FLUD Gets a Shiny New Update (check your app store!)

    This week, FLUD releases an update to both its iPhone and iPad apps. Three months ago, the startup received $1 million in seed funding to become a true mobile news ecosystem and the latest update takes first steps toward this vision. With this update, FLUD improved the performance of its app and established headquarters in classy San Diego.

    • An onboarding process that will ensure each user gets the most out of FLUD
    • Twitter integration — add your Twitter stream, mentions or saved searches as a feed in FLUD for iPad
    • Faster functionality

    Expect Twitter integration on iPhone soon, and Facebook integration is slotted for the next update as well.

    Watch our iPhone engineer, Mark, flip the switch to release the iPhone app:


    As always, we want to create the best experience possible for our users, and we think you will really enjoy this update! Happy Fluding!

    About FLUD

    FLUD is an app for iPad and iPhone that allows users to read the latest articles and posts from their favorite news sites and blogs. Feeds can be categorized and reordered. The FLUD feed comes preinstalled and highlights top stories bookmarked by users. Fluders use the app to follow and tweet industry content, stay up-to-date on the latest news and promote their own content to readers. 

    Press: For images or interview requests, please contact Bobby Ghoshal, bobby@theflud.com or Danielle Fankhauser, danielle.fankhauser@theflud.com

  3. FLUD Mobile v1.2 is Now in the App Store

    Fluders, we are really excited to announce that today we have released FLUD Mobile v1.2 into the app store.

    Over the past few months we built out a whole set of new features and we will be doing a slow and steady roll out of these features over the coming weeks. 

    This update is still in beta so you might see a few glitches here and there but for the most part it should be a solid update for you to start using. Here are some of the features you should look for in this update: 

    1. There’s a whole lot more sharing to be done in v1.2. In addition to Facebook, E-Mail and twitter, you can now share your favorite stories on Instapaper and Read it Later as well.
    2. You can now "unlove" articles that you had perviously loved or bookmarked in FLUD. 
    3. Every week we will update a curated "Weekly Best" feed list that will be available in the “Find Feeds” section of the app, under settings. Keep an eye out for awesome high quality content here! 
    4. The app is now completely retina display compliant. Everything is sharper and more brilliant than before. 
    5. You can categorize and re-categorize feeds in your “My Feeds” list by simply clicking on the feed name and scrolling to your preferred category. 
    6. General stability update to make things smoother, faster, more stable. 

    That’s all for now, please download and rate the app and let us know your thoughts. We will continue to make FLUD awesome in the coming weeks. Thanks for sticking around.

    Love to all, keep on Fluding!

    - Bobby

  4. FLUD Funding, iPhone Update, Android/Desktop Application Status, Office Space and More…

    Fluders, I wanted to personally thank every single one of you for downloading and using FLUD, for sending us your thoughts and opinions, and for your continued support. We know that the news space is now a crowded one and you have plenty of apps to choose from, yet you continue to use FLUD. You rock! 

    For the past couple of months we have been moving a bit slowly on development of our iPhone update, as well as our Android and desktop application builds. Why, you ask? Because our efforts have gone into finding the right investment partner for our company. As you can imagine, much like dating, finding a good fit with the right partners is a long process and one that cannot be taken lightly.

    The great news is that we have found, what we believe to be a perfect mix and match of an A-List of VCs, Angels and Advisors whom have invested $1 Million into our seed round. Among this group are, Dan Gilbert (the billionaire owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers/Founder of Quicken Loans)Josh Linkner (founder of ePrize and serial entrepreneur)Ludlow Ventures (investors of an amazing group of young startups), and Scott Belsky (founder of Behance, and an all-round creative thought leader). We picked this team of individuals because they aren’t simply investors but also proven entrepreneurs, fighters and winners.

    Read about our funding on TechCrunch, Forbes, Dow Jones, and Mashable

    So, what are we going to do with $1 Million? First and most importantly, we will be hiring. Job postings will be going up on our site soon; keep an eye on it if you are interested in applying. Next, we’re going to make FLUD completely device and platform agnostic. You will get to use FLUD on iPhones, iPads, iPods, desktops, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone 7… and if we feel adventurous, we’ll even activate it on the Playbook. Why not.

    Furthermore, we are going to establish our headquarters in beautiful and sunny San Diego. We’re going to need a killer space to work out of, and we believe we’ve found one. Check out some of the photos below, this is going to be a heck of a place to get stuff done!

    Now I want to talk a bit about our iPhone update and some of the other platforms we’ve already started working on. We know its been a few months since our iPhone app received an update, sorry about that. We’ve already submitted the app to Apple and the ball is now in their court to approve it. The newer app is a lot more stable, has all the awesome sharing options you guys wanted and has a really cool source-feature system that will constantly get updated. We are pretty excited about it. As for Android and Desktop apps, we will be opening up for beta invites soon, so keep an eye out for that.  

    Finally, we will soon be hosting a lot of community-oriented events; I want to meet people and I want to hear your story. Maybe we can spark up some interesting conversations of whats been happening in the news too, it seems pretty fitting. Our goal is to get FLUD to engage communities all around the world and for those communities to engage us and other Fluders. We’re going to take baby steps though, so look out for events in San Diego, San Francisco, Detroit, and New York. 

    Lets all keep in touch, we have so much great stuff in the pipe-line, you are going to want to know more about it. Follow us on twitter and Like us on Facebook. Time for me to get back to work. 

    All my best, love to all and keep on Fluding!

    - Bobby 

  5. FLUD v1.1 for the iPhone has landed… here’s what you need to know.

  6. Google Reader & Categories Arrives to FLUD Mobile

    Please DELETE the old app from your phone before updating to the new v1.1!


    A moment ago v1.1 of FLUD Mobile was released into the app store. This update includes the following:

    1. Browse your news via Categories in an always accessible category navigator.
    2. Manually edit a category of any featured/custom feed.
    3. Bring in and catch up on your Google Reader news feeds!
    4. Image caching from your previous visit
    5. Performance updates. 

    For your reference we have done a quick sketch up of how you can access news via categories and edit the categories yourself, below:

    Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We will continue to support you and reply to every email/tweet!

    In the mean time, enjoy the update, keep  on Fluding and happy holidays from all of us here at FLUD.

  7. Update on FLUD’s iPhone App

    First, I wanted to thank everyone for making us the #1 most downloaded news app for iPhone for an entire week. 

    We know v1.0 of the iPhone has been having some issues with crashing and we are working very hard to fix them. Because the app is free, we have been able to grow our user base exponentially and you along with hundreds of thousands of others worldwide have been crucial to helping us pint point some issues in our application.

    Now, we want to make sure this next update is as solid as it gets because it will be the last iPhone update for the year. We do have one little problem though, Apple is shutting down it’s approval of apps for a week starting 23rd of Dec. Which means we don’t have a whole lot of time to make the next update bulletproof.

    If in this next update there are still some issues to be fixed, be not alarmed. We will fix them. You and us, together.

    Our goal is to provide the best in mobile news. With your support we can and will. Thank you for being patient while we get our app to Apple for review. 

    Keep on Fluding!

  8. We’ve Had a BIG Week

    We’ve had a huge week this week. On Monday we woke up to Gizmodo feature for app of the day, shortly thereafter Fast Company did a huge feature on FLUD. Then we received app of the day honors over at AppAdvice … we thought we had hit the ceiling for the week when yesterday Behance did a full on homepage feature on FLUD.

    Wow. We really feel the love this week. Thank you guys. Seriously, thank you for your support and we will continue to work very hard to make our platform the best-in-class for news.

    Now onto today… we woke up to 3 simultaneous features by Apple themselves.

    1. Among over 300,000 applications in the app store, FLUD was listed as 1 of 3 hottest news apps of 2010. 
    2. Apple featured us in their “New and Noteworthy” section on their app homepage.
    3. Here is the big one… FLUD has officially topped some of the largest news syndicates in the world when it comes to acquiring users. We are #1 in the app store right now, outpacing BBC, NY Times, CNN, Yahoo, USA Today, Fox News and a whole lot more.

    Lets hope for an even bigger week next week. Keep on Fluding!

  9. AppAdvice lists FLUD as their app of the day today. Scroll to 2:45 and watch Robin Rhys do a full review of our iPhone app… she gives us some great ideas for improvement as well.

    We are big fans of AppAdvice and Robin, so this is great news for FLUD!