1. Flud News Roundup, June 23-25

    Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone’s weekend was enjoyable. Did anyone do anything exciting? Share some of your favorite news stories with us via Flud app on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you used Flud for this weekend! For now, enjoy some of the top stories from the last few days! 

    Arizona Compromise: Since the the law was signed in April 2012, SB 1070 from Arizona has been one of the most-watched cases regarding immigration. The Supreme Court made their official ruling on the matter today and both sides seemed happy when they decided to only rule out 3 of the 5 measures. Civil rights groups still aren’t satisfied with the results and they will continue to fight until they feel justice has been met. View the official ruling here

    MoreInterest: Creators of Pintics (a Pinterest analytics service) have found another niche. ShopInterest (a mashup of Shopify and Pinterest) is their latest venture, a service that allows anyone to turn their Pinterest boards into an online store. So many sales are generated via pins and boards on Pinterest so they decided to help make this process easier. Set up is easy and the idea is to allow your followers to shop and make purchases on the spot from your pins! Visit the ShopInterest site here.

    Find Your Friends, JK: Facebook quietly launched a new feature, Find Friends Nearby, a location-based app to find friends. However, just as quickly and quietly as it was released, it was disabled.  A Facebook spokesperson said it wasn’t a formal release and it was just something engineers were testing. They may build on the feature at a later date, but engineers will need to perfect their technology for critics who label location-based apps “creepy”. In addition to the sudden removal of the feature, another mobile app, Friendthem, it planning on suing Facebook for stealing their idea.

    In other news: