1. Flud is saying its goodbyes.


    This is going to be a very tough post for me to write. After three years of innovating in the news space the Flud team has decided to wind the company down. StartingAugust 8th, Flud will no longer be in service. You can reach me at bobby@flud.it with your questions or comments regarding this announcement.

    Flud managed to capture the hearts of millions of you all around the world and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to work for you, everyday, for the past three years. We also want to thank our investors and advisors for believing in our team and our vision, they were instrumental in giving the Flud team a shot. 

    The Flud team is extremely proud of the work we’ve done on the product, not least of which is ushering the news space into the social era. We still believe that this is a wide open market with a world of opportunities for the right product. 

    The company will move forward by selling its technology and intellectual property. 

    As for what the Flud team will be doing next, we’ve really enjoyed this time together and going forward we will continue to build new and exciting projects with each other. 

    I remember a great Wayne Gretzky quote at this time, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” and we believe that Flud was a bold shot worth taking. We’ll miss seeing your daily Fluds of news and we wish all of you the best. Regards from the Flud team. 

    Bobby Ghoshal
    CEO, Flud

    P.S. If you’d like to download all your Flud data (shared stories, reading list, and sources) please do so at www.flud.it before August 8, 2013

  2. Flud introduces “opinions” on it’s web app! (Exclusive to the web app)

    Today, we are slowly rolling out our most asked for feature, commenting. We are calling it “Opinions” because that’s exactly what we want all Fluders to share when they read an intriguing story. 

    Fluders, if you log into Flud’s web app NOW you will, for the first time, be able to comment on articles! Make sure you are on a laptop or desktop when you sign into the web app.

    This is exclusive for the web app for now. You will notice that it is designed for quick, lightweight commenting. We hope you love this young new feautre. Enjoy!

    Sign in here www.flud.it

  3. Behind the Scenes: Building Flud’s new web app

    In October of 2012 we kicked off a full revamp of Flud’s web application. Aside from commenting, Flud’s web app has been our most requested product by our users and we didn’t take this project lightly. 

    For the past few months we’ve been hard at work at tailoring, what we think, is the best possible social news discovery experience on the web. You’ve come to love all the functionality in Flud on your mobile device, so we’ve made sure to keep and enhance the mobile feature-set on the web. 

    We worked closely with our partners at BASIC. The team at BASIC is one of the hidden jewels in the design world. They’ve worked with us on our product launch videos in the past, as well as helping our company rebrand in 2012. Once again, they put their best foot forward and worked with us on making sure we could launch our beautiful new web app.

    This project was a very tightly integrated process with both Flud and BASIC’s teams working on-site at each other’s offices 100% of the time. We set a very tight timeline to get the project done in under 3 months so that we could launch in January to start getting early feedback from our users. We hit our date, and the project is officially rolling out to all our users today. 

    Starting today, you can use Flud to not only read and discover personal news on the web, we’ve made it really easy for anyone to add their team at work to join and discover industry-related news with each other in a private area on the web app. We have over 1000 companies using this feature already and these users absolutely love it!

    In a majority of cases we are seeing over 90% retention of business teams finding and sharing content on Flud as opposed to copying and pasting a link in an email and hitting “reply all.” Private RSS feeds for businesses is a brand new concept and we would love for you to give it a shot in your business.

    You can start by going to the web app and logging in with your Flud credentials

    We hope you love what we’ve built for you. Please give us feedback when you use the application, we want to present your ideas to our team here at Flud and take this application to the next level. 

    Thank you and happy Fluding!

    Bobby Ghoshal

    CEO, Flud

  4. Flud listed in EContent’s “Top 100 Companies” along with Google, Apple, Hulu and Netflix

    We’re really happy to be listed in EContent Magazine’s 2012 “Top 100 Companies” in the Digital Content Industry. Among others listed are, Google, Apple, Netflix, Hulu, Adobe, Aol, Pandora, Spotify and many other industry legends. 

    This is the third time we’ve been listed in an EContent Magazine list in the last 12 months. EContent’s panel picked Flud as a “Top 100” company in 2011 as well and listed us as a “Top 10 Hot Companies” in the Digital Content Industry for Flud’s innovations in mobile and social content distribution. 

    We’ve got a bag full of innovations for 2013 as well and we think you’re going to love what we’re working on. Thanks for your support Fluders :)

    Keep on Fluding!

    - Bobby

  5. Flud launches on iPhone 5

    Do you have a shiny new iPhone 5? If you do, you’re going to want Flud on your phone. We’ve just launched an iPhone 5 update and it looks great. 

    The larger screen shows you more stories at a time in your news feed, larger viewing areas while you read stories, images feel bigger, and everything opens up a lot more. 

    Flud is a great way to read news privately with your team at work. We have thousands of companies that have signed up and we are activating more companies every day. If you work at a creative agency or are part of a strategy group at your company, sign your team up to use Flud for free! We’d love your thoughts! If you want to learn more about Flud for teams and businesses, go to www.flud.it

    Keep on Fluding :) 

    - Bobby G.


  6. How to connect twitter to the new Flud for iOS

    Fluders, here’s how to connect your twitter account so you can tweet in the new Flud. Apple’s guidelines stipulate:

    1. Go to your device’s main settings (iPhone or iPad)
    2. Go to “Twitter” if you don’t have the twitter app, download it from the app store. 
    3. Log into your twitter account in your device’s settings.
    4. Your device will confirm your twitter account when you log in. 

    Then open up Flud and start sharing your favorite stories on twitter. Let us know if we can help you with this in any way.

    Thanks so much and keep on Fluding!

  7. The enterprise is conquering its “collaboration layer”… the “consumption layer” is next

    There’s no question that the globalization of the social enterprise is inevitable and is upon us. Look no further than the hundreds of thousands of companies that now depend on Yammer, Jive, Salesforce, Huddle etc. These social-networkesque products rely heavily on the networks effects that made Twitter and Facebook into the giants they are today. These network effects are potent too… even more-so inside of a business with individuals who depend on each other and work with each other longer hours than they spend with their spouses at home. 

    Yet, there’s something missing, we use the Yammers and Jives of the world and they just feel like… work. It’s no surprise that they do, they were built to become the collaboration layer of the enterprise. This is evident in the fact that most of them are still desktop-first instead of mobile, their interfaces are riddled with features we’d never want to use, and with task-driven activities like updating calendars, clocking in product updates, messaging and document management. There’s no underplaying the importance of the collaboration layer, companies need it, they just haven’t found the right and exciting interface to make the whole layer more interesting to employees who now expect consumerized experiences in the workplace.

    But we’re all dependent on another layer too, the consumption layer. The layer that allows employees and co-workers to mine for and then effectively share competitive intelligence, market intelligence, industry news, internal company news, company memos, research etc., the list goes on. Put simply, professionals like to be informed, they like to be influential and they need a better way to do it inside of a business. If given an interface that lent itself to mobilized consumption with the same network effects of Instagram or Twitter, you’d better bet that your employees would be better informed professionals.

    We’re all dependent on each other to become better-informed and more influential and in this day-and-age it shouldn’t be a wish. It’s time the enterprise-tech industry responded with more products that tackled the consumption layer. 

  8. Go Mobile: Keeping up with Generation Y.

    Technology and media has completely changed the current generation, known as Generation Y or the Millenials. What does this mean for your business? Why is it important for you to keep up with Generation Y? 

    This is the most largely populated generation in the history of the U.S. They are the highest consumers and they set the current trends. They switch attention between different media platforms 27 times per hour. Generation Y never leaves home without their phone. They are the most diverse generation and it’s a group that exhibits a hyper-connected and multi-tasking energy. 

    According to a recent study, ”One-in-three indicated he would prioritize social media freedom, device flexibility and work mobility over salary when considering a job offer.” They value jobs that encourage social media activity. What does that mean for you? Millenials are motivated by more than money. They are mobile. They want to lead. Millenials want to learn and grow with you. They want to be a collaborator, not just an employee. 

    There shouldn’t be much of a debate as to whether or not social media is beneficial for a company, but if you aren’t on Facebook and Twitter already, you need to be. The benefits of reaching people are, in fact, measurable, but vast. There are benefits of your company having a social media presence and in addition to that, when you have millennial employees, you are doing yourself a favor. “Friends of fans represent a set of consumers 34 times greater than fans themselves. Having employees who are more active on Facebook can greatly increase your digital reach.”

    In a mere eight years, Millenials will be dominating a large 46% of the U.S. workforce. Sooner or later your workplace may be filled with the generation that has gone social and mobile, and in order to stay competitive not just with consumers, but as a place that people want to work, you need to stay in the game.

    How is your company engaging your employees, or getting them excited about working for you?

    Statistics gathered from a study done by UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School and the YEC. Images from Mashable.

  9. Social Engagement: Increasing Customer Advocacy and Business Value

    There has been a major surge in the prominence of social media within the last few years. Just a few weeks ago, we saw how social sites such as Twitter, completely changed the face of the Olympic games. Now, we are seeing how social sites are changing the face of the Presidential Election. How does this evolution in the way people communicate, connect or advertise translate to your business. 

    Whether you are a small start up, or a Fortune 500 company, customer advocacy is what you are looking for. You want people to know your product, believe in your service and advocate for you. Word of mouth is powerful, and through social media, you are able to maximize this word of mouth tactic. The difficult thing is measuring your effect. There are countless sites trying to help companies or individuals discover the perfect times to post for maximum reach, analytics on your social data etc…but what does it all really mean? The focus should most importantly be on the value of exchange. 

    According to Lee Odden, ”Traditional models of ROI (input-output) can miss the point of how much impact integrated search, social and content marketing can have on the overall customer relationship.” Consumers want to be connected. They don’t just want to be sold something, they want to be involved with the products or services they believe in. Social media has given brands the opportunity to engage in dialogue with a larger audience of their customers. Value of exchange is based on the relationship between consumers and brands. There is an opportunity to make the relationship more positive and intimate or negative and distant. 

    As much of a shock as this may be, social media isn’t about “me.” As soon as brands realize this, they will start engaging more consumers. Barry Wheeler reminds us that, ”Customers don’t ‘like’ your business or follow your tweets to hear continuous business talk about your product or services….Focus on what your customers think or want from the relationship.” Find out why customers have entered your social circle. Ask them questions and build upon your answers. Know all your different groups of customers and make sure you are using different social platforms to reach them all. (Mashable has a great article with an info-graphic on Social Networks).

    Create a personality behind your brand on social networks. People want to feel like there is a person behind the brand, not just a company trying to sell their product or service. Carry social conversations about relevant topics. Wheeler continues to say that “Social engagement is about two-way dialogue and if you continually push your products and services on those in your social network you are breaking one of the fundamental rules.” 

    Remember that there is more to your brand than how may likes or follows you receive. Although sites like Google Analytics, Sprout Social or CrowdBooster can be extremely helpful, be careful not to look at analytics too often. It can easily discourage or over-excite you. A person’s activity and engagement on various social networks are unpredictable and the data will always change. Stay focused on connection and relationships. 

    image sources: davestrayer.com & onlinebusiness.com

  10. I’ve been using Flud for a while and really enjoy it. Actually, it’s become on of my principle news sources! The interface is really easy to navigate, you’re never too far from the main screen. Having the social aspect is also a great way to find new and interesting content. Not to mention it’s always fun to get a message saying that I’ve “influenced” someone to read an article. Flud is hands down one of my favorite apps!


    Angel Alvarez-Mapp

    5-star App Store review posted March 3, 2012 v2.2. Thank you Angel :) 

  11. Flud News Roundup, April 20

    Happy Friday, Fluder! Here’s some fantastic weekend reading for ya.

    Today is “Cover The Night”: You saw the Kony 2012 video last month — tonight, supporters of the movement will be out plastering posters across the towns they live in. More from End Genocide and The Guardian.

    How Andreessen Horowitz bunted on an Instagram investment: The Bits Blog from the NYT explains a bit of venture capital theory and the track record between A-H, an early investor in Instagram (before it was called Instagram) and A-H’s decision to gamble on a competitor. Every investment decision is a gamble, even an educated one — so stories like these are a good reminder of the big picture (intended pun) and how difficult identifying the “next Instagram” really is.

    Facebook and Google must adapt as users embrace “unsocial” networks: The title is a bit of a misnomer, because the article from Bloomberg offers Instagram, Path and others as these unsocial networks. What is really meant, is that these specialized networks allow for full-attention engagement because they fit into our attention spans. For marketers, this means “going viral” is more likely on a smaller, intimate network where the connections are of equal value, and on a larger network like Facebook — stick to paid ads.

    Women make groups smarter: A study from Harvard Business review shows that when a group includes more women, the collective intelligence rises. And, the discussion on “why aren’t there more women in tech” continues, via HuffPo.

    People in San Fran like to eat caesar salad: It’s true, but I will admit there is more to this article from Fast Company’s Co.Exist. Apparently, Eatery is an iPhone app that allows people to rate other people’s food choices, and in this process, pulls in some interesting data about food habits in various world regions. Massive Health is the company behind it.

    What to know before you go rock climbing: Do you hate being a newbie at things, like me? Check out this guide from Greatist to learn some lingo and know what to expect. It’s a great way to be active without being miserable (hello, treadmill) and apparently, can be addicting. Also, happy birthday to Greatist, one of our featured partners. If you’re not familiar, it is the up-and-coming destination for all things healthy and good. Learn more on their birthday post.

    *Pic via endgenocide.org

  12. Making Google Reader Social Again, With Flud

    Some people might be surprised to hear that Google+ was not Google’s first attempt at social. There was also Google Buzz and Google Wave. But Google’s *successful* social product?

    Definitey Google Reader.

    Case in point: The Atlantic discovered that someone met their spouse via Google Reader, plus, it was basically the only social network to not get banned in Iran during the 2009 protests. Goodbye, free speech.

    Besides serious topics like love and war, many people prefer to get news via their friends — and gReader (as the cool kids call it) enabled that.

    Courtney, a video game PM, posted about her Reader network: “But who is seeing this stuff, right? For me, it’s a small group (I think the largest it’s been is around 40 people) who can view all of my shared items, can view my comments, and can comment on my shared items.”

    Even Google’s own forum host people are caught saying “It’s lovely to have my friends pick and choose what I read, but not have it lumped in with all the Facebook/Google+ style crapola.”

    We, at Flud, think news should be in it’s own network, much like Spotify is for music and Instagram is for photos. You connect with different friends over different types of media.

    Meanwhile, Google claims removing social functions in Reader is an improvement.

    Luckily, the post-social Google Reader is not void of an alternative! Flud is mobile-first (that’s where you’re reading most news now, anyway) and offer the same basic social functions that Google Reader took away. And, Flud lets you import your sources from Reader — so easy!

    You can follow your circle of friends who read news you actually like (yeah, we don’t get that guy’s deal on Facebook, either) and you can find people you’ve never met who are looking at interesting news, videos, etc.

    But, you say, what about commenting? Google Reader had that, too. Well, we’re thinking about it. I mean we might be building it. Actually, you should just subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter in case we announce something like that.

    Image via Daniel Berger / Wikipedia

  13. Engage and Recruit Support for your Non-Profit with Flud

    Non-profits that use social media are seeing an interesting phenomenon when it comes to broadcasting their message. People of the internet are hungry for more information about your cause, how it began and who else is involved. This means it’s easier than ever to engage your audience.

    You’ve probably tried Facebook, sent out some tweets and started a donation blog, but now it’s time to really connect with your supporters and in turn, recruit new ones. The best way to turn spectators into supporters is to give people evidence of your cause — and Flud can help you do just that. 

    How Flud can help?

    Flud is a social news network, it connects you with people who share your interests in news. In the case of a non-profit, those people are your supporters. You want to share information with them that’s important and vital to the success of your organization.

    Flud puts newsworthy and shareable material from news organizations and independent bloggers at your fingers tips. These publications are likely covering the region or topics that you’re involved in, allowing you to provide your supporters with a range of deep information that inspires credibility and helps educate them on the good you’re doing in the world.

    How to get started:

    1. Connect with your supporters. Create your Flud profile. It’s free! Be sure to choose a familliar name, like the name of your organization, so people can find easily find you. Invite your supports to follow you in Flud by posting your username to your existing social networks. 
    2. Add streams tailored to your cause. Whether your non-profit advocates for children’s literacy or animal abuse, you can find related specialty publications and blogs, as well as mainstream media in Flud.
    3. Be an expert in your field. Read and Flud, aka endorse, articles that back your cause. (You can do this right from your browser!) Show your supporters you’re well read. Become a regular reader of quality feeds. Flud third party articles that matter and add important headlines to your Reading List. Knowledge is power! Think broadly. A children’s literacy group could benefit from Fluding an article that describes the hardships illiterate children face later in life and those against animal cruelty could Flud articles showing how violence against animals can lead to physical violence against humans or tips on proper animal care. 
    4. Flud your own content. Most non-profits have their own blogs where they share what’s happening inside their own organization. So go on, endorse your stuff! Fluding shows your followers you think something is important and worth reading … and all your content is worth reading, right?! 
    5. Become a content source. Not only will your supporters follow you to see what you’re reading, Fluding and saving for later, they’re likely to follow your blogs too — in turn, generating even more exposure for your organization. Fluders are six times as likely to Flud an article than to share it on Twitter, making your chances of reaching your audience a whole lot greater. Bigger reach = bigger impact.

    The take-away: Create a hub of information that backs your cause. Make your Flud account a resource for anyone interested in learning more about what your organization stands for.

    Awareness is key to any non-profit’s purpose and the more someone knows about your cause, the more likely they are to become very passionate about helping out! Don’t you think?

    Want to become a thought leader in the fight for your cause? Email us at pr(at)theflud.com and we’ll help get you started! 

  14. I’ve been using Flud for a while and really enjoy it. Actually, it’s become on of my principle news sources! The interface is really easy to navigate, you’re never too far from the main screen. Having the social aspect is also a great way to find new and interesting content. Not to mention it’s always fun to get a message saying that I’ve “influenced” someone to read an article. The one aspect I especially enjoy is the ability to customize my news feeds and the ease of sharing articles I find interesting.

    Flud is hands down one of my favorite apps!


    Angel Alvarez-Mapp

    5-Star App Store review posted March 3, 2012 - v2.2

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